What is Smart Homes? & Why smart homes?



How smart homes redefine your daily life

In 2014 nearly 100 million households across the globe were using smart home technology. With the current trends, this is expected to be almost tripled. Most homeowners have been motivated to get smart homes not only for convenience features but mainly because of the safety features. Smart homes have evolved and improved the living quality of every homeowner.
Improved Lifestyle –Your home turned into a nest of comfort with smart home solutions. Surely, everyone with smart homes enjoys the perks of getting an experience of luxury living.
Getting a smart home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create ambience. Lights can instantly change the mood of a room with a tap of a finger or automatically with sensors.
Smart Homes makes it easy and stress-free.

Energy-saving and efficiency
If you forget to switch off your AC or Lights while leaving Home, With a tap of a finger you are now able to switch off all lights and ac even when you’re away. With the inbuilt intelligent climate and humidity sensors, your AC only cools when you really have to use it which helps to save cost and energy.

Increased Property Value
The cost of the smart home device and installation can be expensive upfront, but it will surely pay off in the property’s resale value and energy efficiency in the long run. On the other hand, the convenience and safety that automated systems can offer make them well worth the initial investment.

The benefits of a smart home system also include more value on the property adding up an awesome factor on the property. After all, with each addition, you’ll be making a great investment in safety, security, and energy efficiency. This also makes it easier if you’re looking to sell the property, installing a smart home greatly boost your selling price. Knowing that the users owning a smart home have been significantly growing and the demand will likely grow further.

Safety and Security
The purpose of Smart homes is mainly built on a way to protect you, your family and your property from any sort of risk. Any fire hazard, gas leaks or threats of a housebreak, the smart homes system serves as an extra added value of protection. Having a smart home provides peace of mind because it offers more fortified home security and it also gives you absolute control on all of your home devices.

Answer the Door from Anywhere
A smart doorbell notifies you on your smartphone when someone is at your door. You can even speak to visitors through the doorbell system by talking into your Smartphone. So, whether you’re at work, or away for any other reason, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can be nigh on the present when the doorbell rings.

Time Saver
Seeing as home automation allows you to control your home from anywhere completely; you won’t have to waste precious time to go home just to open the door, turn the lights off, and ensure your home’s safety. The Smart Home automation is an incredibly useful system for a person on the go; a busy person that has plenty of work to do. With a home automation system installed, you can focus on your work while running your home while you’re at the office or travelling.

Ease Of Use
One of the biggest benefits of smart homes is their ease of use. It has become accessible to nearly anyone and any age. Even if you don’t consider yourself tech savvy, you can still benefit from a smart appliance. All you need is a smartphone, a WiFi connection, and the smart app.

Smart Home Technology

Peace of mind, convenience and all sorts of automation has been the main purpose of today’s smart home technology, and the trend is only growing. Smart home technology is a smarter, greener living and also has been acknowledged as the Future of Homes.

Being one of the first projects in Dubai that has a smart home technology, Suncity homes give you access to a fully integrated smart home app that provides a centralized, user-friendly control via Smartphone, tablet or computer, making it possible to set the ambience and environment remotely ensuring safety and wellness of your home.

Centralized Control – Giving you absolute control for all the lights i.e. (living room, bedroom, kitchen etc). It can be controlled distantly even if you’re not at home via smart city app on your Smartphone. If you forgot to switch off the light switch or AC before heading off,- the smart home system gives you 100% assurance and control.

Comfort and Convenience –Smart city app is designed to be user friendly. With it’s easy to use features, with a click of a button you can:

• Turn on/ off all of the lights make sure it’s set properly, you can control, dim and zone your lighting to suit your lifestyle

• Turn on and set the AC thermostat for all the rooms

Energy Efficiency – Able to manage your energy usage with, practical, intuitive operation and ensure that lights and AC are on only when someone is actually using them. By this you are able to control your energy consumption at the tip of your hand.

Safety and Security –With this technology, safety and security is guaranteed. When you’re away and you have visitors or service deliveries, upon ringing on the bell, an alert will be sent to your Smartphone, and it will also allow you to speak to the person by just tapping the speak option.

Notification System – This ensures your security, the safety of your house and its belongings and especially your family if you are away from your house. You can leave your children alone at home without worrying about their safety. Smart sensors are programmed to detect and help prevent minor accidents from turning into major disasters wherever you are. In case of any fire alarms, gas leaks, you will be receiving a notification directly on your phone. This can be a lifesaver for any instances not only for the building but also for the community at large.

-This is an integrated Proptech application that covers all real estate asset management needs for both tenants and end-users.
The following services can be accessed;

  • LPG Services
  • BTU A/C Bills
  • Title Deed
  • Monthly Report
  • Budget Approval
  • Service Charges Account
  • Building Rules and Regulations
  • Apartment Safety
  • Ejari
  • Move/in-out form
  • Maintenance Schedules

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